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Thomas Mapfumo Continues To Inspire The World

Baseline Sept 4 2015 Mukanya2015 has been a busy year for the Chimurenga Maestro who has toured many global spots from his home turf in Oregon, USA to England, Australia, Mozambique and South Africa. On a fusion of Chimurenga Music as a purveyor of black consciousness, human rights and entertainment, Mukanya continues to preach the peace and democracy agenda through music. In September 2015, he re-visited Mozambique, a country that shares a lot of history with Zimbabwe. That was after he had toured South Africa earlier on in September. This second Mozambique tour was a sequel to the 1967 tour with the Springfields band when Mozambique was still Portuguese East Africa. This time when Mukanya performed in Mozambique, he recollected the shared camaraderie and military support Zimbabwean Freedom Fighters received from Mozambique during the days of the struggle. Even as he sang the “Zimbabwe-Mozambique” song in the 80s, he had so much gratitude in his mind. Mozambique was another home for troubled Zimbabwean refugees “Kuyaira kwevasina musha”. It accommodated thousands of our refugees at Chimoio, Nyadzonya and Mboroma. Even after the Nyadzonya-Chimoio massacre by the ruthless Rhodesians, the struggle never recoiled until independence came in 1980. When Mukanya made his second coming to Mozambique this September 2015, he was humbled and honored to meet  with the Governor of Tete, the Mayor of Chimoio and other very important delegates from the government of Mozambique who acknowledged his special role in the cry for a stable Africa. It was a bittersweet platform as they shared notes on the struggle for independence and the need for continued peace and development efforts in the region. With that, even the overjoyed Mozambican fans reassured Mukanya that he still remained a committed champion for human rights and peace. They still acknowledge the role Mukanya played in the struggle to entertain, educate and motivate the masses. As the Lion of Zimbabwe, Mukanya continues to roar for social justice and the fight against poverty, arbitrariness and corruption. Now he challenges the youth to take over the relay stick and vigorously spread the same message until Africa becomes a united, examplary and prosperous continent worthy the respect of the global community. Aluta Continua!

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The Lion of Zimbabwe

Affectionately known at home as “Mukanya” (“Baboon”) and to the rest of the world as the “Lion of Zimbabwe’, Thomas Mapfumo has been a witness and participant of the history in his native country, Zimbabwe. From the bloody years of the country’s liberation war in the 1970’s, right through the present economic and political cries, Mapfumo has used his revolutionary, spiritually charged music to decry injustice and highlight the historical and cultural issues that underlie the news headlines. Mapfumo is a musical visionary, fearless social critic, and certainly one of the greatest African bandleaders of the past century.